How To Effectively Increase Checkout Conversion Rates

Magento 2 Community has got their own solutions for this problem and gather them all in an extension called - Magento 2 One Step Checkout.

Carts abandonment has been a headache problem to every e-commerce store. According to Statista, 75.81% is the average rate of abandoned carts in 2018. Magento 2 Community has got their own solutions for this problem and gather them all in an extension called One Step Checkout.

Fundamentally, Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension allows your shoppers checkout on one page instead of going through six steps in Magento default. Moreover, the extension also has several advanced features to boost the checkout speed as well as bring the interesting experience to shoppers to increase the conversion rate.

Accordingly, how general e-commerce website can effectively raise the checkout conversion rate? Here are the most useful strategies that we have summarized for e-commerce merchants.

To impress as well as confirm your brand to your shoppers, the logo should be designed simply but remarkably. Furthermore, the brand logo has to be placed on the top of every page on your site to let your shoppers be inspired by it. Once visitors notice your logo, they will unconsciously trust your store more as you have professional brand and logo.


Besides the logo, your website style also affects shoppers attitude to your store. Before configuring any advance module and feature for your store site, you should get it a suitable theme first. Recently, in the e-commerce market, there are thousands of themes which are grouped according to the store purposes. For example, you can choose a theme for your clothes shop, furniture, cosmetic or so on. With the theme, it will be more exciting for shoppers to wander around your store website.

Reason To Create An Account

Personal information is essential to a person so nobody will easily inform you their name, age, address, phone number, etc for the first step on your website. Hence, you should never force your visitor to sign up. All e-commerce website should have Guest mode to allow shoppers check out without signup or login. Before reaching the checkout page, you should add a page for shoppers to choose to checkout as guest or sign in their account. Some reasons can be noted in the sign-in section to let shoppers know the advantages of creating an account will work better.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Limit the Banner Ads

Too many banner ads, no matter what the ads are about, can damage shoppers trust for your store website. As the banner ads will direct shoppers to other unpredictable pages, there can be potential attacks to shopper’s property. Hence, you should allow one or two necessary ads which relate to the specific product or the ads will cause the negative effect on your store.

Security Assurance

The popular demand of shoppers for an e-commerce website is the absolute security. All personal and finance information will be assigned to your store site. Hence, nobody will want to purchase on an unsafe website. Particularly, you have to enhance visitor’s trust by putting security assurance on your site.

One Step Checkout

If you do not want to use an extension to create a one-page checkout on your site, at least, configure a fake single page checkout. The fake single page checkout display all 6 checkout steps on one page. However, your shopper will go through each step at once. Obviously, this back and forth process is not as effective as one-page checkout but it can reduce the reloading which causes the interruption. In fact, we still recommend using the module to get the perfect checkout page as Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension from Mageplaza has done below.

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Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Thank You Page

When somebody gives you something, you say thank you. And in the e-commerce business, when shoppers decide to purchase on your store or not, you still need to say thanks to them. Sometimes, this small action can bring your shoppers back because you have appreciated them. Hence, the Thank you page should always exist in your store to show your respect to your shoppers.